Live Interaction

Duck Feeding

Duck Feeding

  • See over 100 domestic ducks at the main lake.
  • One shiny quarter almost guarantees you the following of a handful of hungry feathered friends.
  • Enjoy a paddle boat ride in the main lake for a water's view.

Petting Zoo

Feeding Goat
  • A fun walk-in area where visitors both young and old can feed and pet African pygmy goats of all ages.
  • You may be lucky enough on your visit to actually see a goat (or two!) being born.
  • Specific food can be obtained inside the petting zoo; at the zoo concession stand and at the film and stroller booth near the zoo entrance.
  • Our goats are not shy! Be prepared once you enter the petting zoo because manners are not their priority... getting their mouths on some food is!
  • This is one of the areas that kids talk about long after they leave.

Deer Encounter

  • Our Deer Encounter contains fallow deer, a wild European species found in 5 different color variations.
  • Animal food dispensers are located inside the area and just outside the gate.
  • These deer are friendly and love to eat.  Watch closely because sometimes they eliminate the middle man (you!) and try to eat directly from the feeders.
  • Fallow bucks grow new antlers every Summer.  Since there are very sensitive, we ask all visitors not to touch them.